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An original beautiful Bow-Tie design crafted with 3 different hardwoods. The woods for this table are African Wenge (outside wood) and North American Birdseye Maple (inside wood) with African Bubinga joinery. A Tung Oil Finish brings out the natural colors of these woods and then is topped with a 3/8" thick clear polished chipped edge glass. The finished table size is 24"W x 57"L x 20"H.

These pieces are unfinished raw wood.

Elegant Bow-Tie Coffee Table

Currently in Progress:

A Rainbow of Colors

These tables are for sale as well as any other combination of woods that anyone could want. To place an order you can call (602)795-2822.

Outside/Inside/Joinery (to see pictures of the different woods click here)

Bubinga/Purple Heart/Wenge


Leopardwood/Birdseye Maple/Purple Heart


Marblewood/Domestic Walnut/Paduak

Sapele/Curly Maple/Wenge


Monkey Pod/Bloodwood/Maple

Purple Heart/Paduak/Maple (Phx Suns Colors)

Teak/Tropical Walnut/Maple

Curly Maple/Domestic Walnut/Cherry


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